Board of Directors


Name Position Email Phone
Tony Wills President 727-456-9430
Ted Rogers Vice President 727-4243-6328
Amy Grant Athletic Director 727-424-9870
Andrea Hartman Cheer Coordinator 727-459-6018
OPEN Treasurer     
OPEN Secretary    
Sheri Beeman Registrar 850-517-0469
Ashley Dominicci Fundraising Coordinator 813-535-9668
Andrea Hartman Sponsor Coordinator 727-469-6018
OPEN Marketing Director OPEN  
OPEN Concession Manager OPEN  
Ashley Dominicci Volunteer Coordinator 813-562-9668


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Refund Policy

50% Back before 1/15 for Spring Registration, and 6/1 for Fall Registration, after those dates there are no Refunds. $50.00 deposit is non-refundable. All refunds must have board approval before being issued.

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