Parents Info

General Information

  • No parents allowed on the practice field – unless a coach instructs you to come out
  • No arguing with any coach or volunteer
  • Please have your child at practice on time (let your coach know if you will be late)
  • Please make sure your child has plenty of drink available at all practices
  • Please, if at all possible, have at least one parent present during practices. If not, please provide an emergency number to your coach or team mom
  • Please respect each other and the coaches during practice
  • Please pick up any trash and place it in the garbage bags before you leave
  • Please keep the restrooms clean (if you notice a dirty restroom, notify a board member)
  • In the inclement weather, unless contacted and notified via phone by team moms or the Athletic Director that practice has been cancelled, please show and assume practice will be held.
  • Please volunteer as often as you can. It takes MANY MANY hours of time and dedication

Gameday Information

  • All players need to arrive at games at least an hour and 30 minutes prior to kickoff. The reason for this is that weigh in starts 1 hour prior to game time and players must weigh in and have their picture verified before they are allowed to play.
  • You must submit all necessary paperwork, made all payments and proved age to TBYFL.
  • Drinks will be provided during games.
  • TBYFL, The Oldsmar Falcons, and Hillsborough County requires that all coaches, cheerleading coordinators, team moms and anyone else on the field must complete a training course and carry a certification card. Information on the course can be found on this website.
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Refund Policy

50% Back before 1/15 for Spring Registration, and 6/1 for Fall Registration, after those dates there are no Refunds. $50.00 deposit is non-refundable. All refunds must have board approval before being issued.


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